NFL picks for preseason week 1

My #NFL picks this week are the same as everyone else’s in week one of preseason a totally blind stab at the dark with a spoon.
Eagles vs ravens
I’m gonna hedge this bet because depth at defense prevails and both teams look great and are super bowl contenders and you don’t get a ring without depth.

Patriots vs jaguars
The jaguars starters are weak at best and I think they would probably lose to the patriots second teamers so this is a nobrainer pats

Chargers vs Seahawks
Against reason I’m thinking Seahawks because of quarterbacking situation in Seattle. whitehurst & Jackson both have NFL starting experience so I’m gonna give it to them

Cowboys vs broncos
Well as per everyyear the cowboys are the team to beat.I’m going broncos strictly cuz I hate the cowboys and they truly are Americas all hype team the stink and have for a while and I think tebow who should play atleast a quarter will have a chip on his shoulder

Cardinals vs raiders
I like the depth and the sneakiness of the cards they are an okay parading around in a browns uniform but this game doesn’t count so I see them underperforming and and playing boot the raiders do incredibly well In the preseason because they need to win a game or two to keep their fan happy

Bengals vs lions
As a bungles fan I’m biased because year after year I see cincy whoop it up when it doesn’t matter lions look serious this year tho this one is a toss up I’m going bengals but I won’t be shocked to see the lions win

Falcons vs dolphins
In the words of the japanese “fuck you dolfin” Atl is a front runner for a ring and the have a team to prove it Miami can’t decide who they are cheering for Denver or the jets so they don’t stand a chance

Steelers Vs skins
I’m gonna give this one to the moron bros.the aha nagana have two decent options at qb that should be okay I’m not gonna be shocked if Pittsburgs d could come into play because of the depth they have but I’m not too sure yet

Saints vs niners
The niners are gonna need every win they can get and I wouldn’t be surprised if they played their starters the whole game.jokes aside the niners do well preseason chrack last years preseason they put on and the saints have a colts like approach the treat it like a scrimmage

Buccaneers Vs Chiefs
This is a tough one to call because I am not sure how Tampa is gonna approach this one Im gonna lean towards arrowhead being the deciding factor so I’m going with kc

Packers vs browns
I like the packers but I’m gonna go browns they need to put out something to build excitement for another dismal season

Giants vs panthers
I’m gonna trust the clausen newton combo to put Carolina ahead and the panthers d to hold it panthers by 3

Bills vs bears
I’m going bears I just a hunch I can’t reason either team out as far as depth

Colts vs anyone at all preseason (rams)
No Peyton no chance as simple as that I can’t recall watching the colts win a preseason game Curtis painter and the other guy (sorgi?) no way rams are a lock

Titans vs Vikings
A close one to call I like the vikes I think ….

Jets vs texans
Rexs big mouth has to keep flapping so I could see the jets taking this one strictly so he can keep going on about there 3rd super bowl in a row …

Again it’s preseason so it’s like shaving a bear to try and pick em all

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